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  • What if I dont have a camera?
    Let me know in advance and I can arrange for a rental one for the shoot, you need to bring a memory SD card.
  • Where are the courses and workshops?
    The majority take place in London. Most workshops are outdoors and some in studio.
  • What camera do I need?
    You can bring any camera that has manual controls for (shutter speed, ISO and aperture). Full frame, cropped sensor...doesnt matter. Film cameras are also welcome but you must be able to operate it on your own as I am not a film shooter and I dont have the knowledge to help you with it.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Just bring your camera ready (memory card, battery...) with whatever lenses you like. Read the photoshoot description as any lens recommendation to that particular shoot will be there. I always bring flash, reflector and constant lights depending on the lighting situation that you can use. If you like to bring your own lighting you can.
  • Do I need experience?
    No , you dont need any experience, I will be there to help you out with anything you need, however for a photoshoot in studio you are advised to know how to operate your camera on full manual mode. Would be a good idea to do an outdoors workshop before jumping into studio.
  • How are the photography workshops like?
    I am glad you ask, you can check behind the scenes on both instagram and YouTube.
  • How many people are there on a workshop?
    Usually when we are outdoors is a small group of 4 shooting in turns and helping each other. We dont run crowded workshops or courses with people shooting over each others shoulders, you will direct and control your photos when your turn comes.
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