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7 things to consider when booking photography workshops.

Here are a few things to consider before you join a photography workshop.

Model and photographer talking on a photography workshop
Behind the scenes, model photography workshop

Research your instructor, only learn photography from people that has something to teach you.

Unless of course you are only interested in going and taking photos and have confidence in your own skills. For the rest you want to check your teacher's portfolio and see what they can teach you in photography, maybe lighting, post-processing, composition, etc, but there must be something in their work that you aspire to achieve or that shows that they are further ahead in the learning journey.

Low ratio of photographers to teachers and or models.

We all have been there at some point but avoid overcrowded photography workshops where you have to shoot shoulder to shoulder. Four or at most five photographers per model and or teacher is a reasonable ratio, less than that is a great deal and more than that you want to think twice. That's why our workshops have 4 photographers on average, any more than that becomes stressing for everyone.

In photography workshops you will find photographers that attend for different reasons, some just want to enjoy the day, some are very experienced, others are newcomers avid for learning.

The best way to reconcile the group is to have very limited amount of attendees, that way you can keep enough flexibility to adapt to everyone's needs.

Attend photography workshops that have long-standing experience teaching.

From experience, I can attest that it takes a long time to fine tune the organization of photography workshops to produce the best experience. If you decide to attend a newly established photography education, training or workshop, make sure that the price reflects it.

Gear doesn't matter.

Whatever camera and lens that you have is more than capable, what is important is that you understand the principles of photography and all cameras and lenses work under those same principles. You would be surprised on how far a digital camera from 2012 can take you.

If there is anything that you need to bring other than your camera it should be stated on the event description.

You will network with other photographers, sometimes models and studios.

When you do, make the most of it, following others on social media is a great way to keep tabs and let everyone know that you are active and releasing new work.

Check the cancellation policies.

When teaching photography workshops, specially in a reduced group of people, it is impossible to deal with last minute cancellations.

Make sure you understand the cancellation policies, double-check your schedule before booking and if you do need to cancel the more notice you give the better odds you will have.

Make the most of it.

Ask all you need to learn to your teacher, we are always happy to answer, as it helps us to keep engaged and makes time fly. Remember that if you need further personalized attention in a one to one environment, in most cases it can be arranged and tailored to your needs, just ask.

Enjoy and have a good time, it is about the journey not the destination.


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